AKV Consulting Engineers is a client-focused, minority owned firm that provides quality design and responsive professional services. The firm specializes in a wide range of services including structural, transportation, municipal, and hydraulics and hydrology across the state of Texas. AKV Consulting Engineers is committed to working with both public and private clients to come up with innovative solutions to engineering challenges.



Office Locations

HOUSTON4600 Hwy 6 N
Suite 200
Houston, TX 77084
832 . 674 . 4886

DALLAS6500 N Central Expy
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Dallas, TX 75206
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Ahmed is the President and founder of AKV Consulting Engineers. He has extensive experience in design and project management having led multi-discipline teams on large and complex projects through all phases of design and construction with construction cost ranging from the tens of thousands to up to fifty million. His unique and diverse experience in several disciplines such as roadway, hydraulics & hydrology, retaining walls, bridge, and erosion control enables him to facilitate complex projects through to successful completion. In addition, Ahmed has completed multiple projects for HCTRA, DART, concession companies, railroad companies, TxDOT, DCCCD, and other municipalities within the State of Texas.

Structural Project Manager

Bryan is a seasoned project manager and structural engineer with a proven track record of success in leading and managing complex, multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects. His expertise lies in design-build construction, where he takes projects from conception to completion, overseeing every aspect from initial planning and design to construction and final handover. Bryan's portfolio boasts some of the most iconic structures in the city, including the gracefully curving LBJ Expressway and the high-traffic DFW Connector. These projects stand as testaments to his exceptional structural engineering skills, his ability to navigate complex technical challenges, and his unwavering commitment to quality and safety.

Structural Project Manager

Bruce is an accomplished professional with a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston. He has experience in design and project management. As a Structural Leader and Design Build specialist, he has successfully managed high-profile projects such as the proposed HCTRA BW8 widening at SH3, HCTRA Tomball Tollway Bridges, and Oceaneering Steel Test Bunkers. With his extensive expertise, Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge in structural engineering, ensuring successful outcomes and efficient project delivery. His exceptional skills and dedication make him a valuable asset in the field of design and project management.

Marketing Lead

With a passion for creative design, clear communication, and an analytical mind, Belinda spearheads the marketing efforts at AKV Consulting Engineers. She is a natural leader who fosters a collaborative and inclusive work environment. She values the input of her team members and creates an atmosphere where everyone feels empowered to contribute their ideas. From fueling AKV’s growth through strategic marketing to driving impactful relationships, Belinda ensures the firm's brilliance resonates within the engineering world.

Operations Manager

As an Operations Manager, Felipe dedicates himself to the daily grind of AKV Consulting Engineers, keeping the engine humming, optimizing workflow, and fueling success here. Felipe takes on different responsibilities, from overseeing processes and budgets to motivating teams and solving problems. His goal is to maximize efficiency, minimize errors, and deliver top-notch results. He believes the teaching and learning process is essential to growth and seizes this challenge and opportunity to improve and learn as an individual as well as a team.

Office Manager

Cynthia is the Office Manager at AKV Consulting Engineers. She assumes various roles, from scheduling meetings and managing supplies to creating a smooth workflow and fostering a positive environment. She’s the glue that holds the organization together, making sure things run like clockwork. In addition, Cynthia has an engineering degree and provides support for our structural and roadway teams. Her dedication extends beyond her role, as she is passionate in contributing to AKV’s growth, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Graphic Designer

Hugo, a talented and versatile graphic designer, brings his creative vision and technical expertise to AKV Consulting Engineers. He is a visual artist who creates and combines images, typography, and motion graphics to communicate ideas. He uses his skills to create everything from logos and branding materials to website layouts and social media marketing. Hugo is proficient in industry-standard design software, and collaborates effectively within the team, ensuring clear understanding and alignment throughout the design process.

Graduate Engineer

Mohamed, a highly motivated individual, holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston. With a passion for his field, Mohamed is eager to contribute his skills and knowledge to support Design Build projects. His recent graduation showcases his fresh perspective and up-to-date understanding of industry practices. Mohamed's enthusiasm and dedication make him a valuable asset to any team, as he brings a proactive approach and a drive for excellence to civil engineering endeavors. With his strong foundation and motivation, Mohamed is poised to make a meaningful impact in the field of design and project management.

Graduate Engineer

Jose is a self-disciplined, driven civil engineer, open to learning new paths and ways of improving efficiency. With a background in construction project management and bridge design and roadway projects, he is eager to engage in technical subjects at AKV to assist in achieving company goals and objectives through different projects. From CAD duties to QAQC processes, and from supporting the structural design team to developing new and innovative approaches to projects, Jose is resourceful, adaptable, and talented.

Maria Valencia

Graduate Engineer

Maria is an ambitious Civil Engineering major and a passionate learner. As a dedicated student, she is actively seeking work experience to complement her education. Maria's enthusiasm for the field is evident through her continuous attendance at engineering conferences. With a strong interest in roadway and design projects, she is eager to contribute her skills and knowledge to support such endeavors. Maria's enthusiasm, combined with her commitment to learning and growth, makes her a valuable addition to any team in need of a motivated and aspiring engineering professional.

Engineering Intern

Farshad, a committed Civil Engineering student at the University of Houston, is eager to embark on an internship journey with AKV Consulting Engineers. Proficient in AutoCAD and fueled by a genuine enthusiasm for learning and contributing to the team, he is excited about the opportunity to apply his academic knowledge to real-world projects. Farshad looks forward to making a positive impact during his internship at AKV, leveraging both his technical skills and eagerness to grow within the team.

Engineering Intern

Savannah is a determined and motivated Civil Engineering student at the University of Houston, actively seeking work experience to complement her studies. With a strong desire to learn and grow, Savannah's dedication is evident in her involvement with UH ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). She is particularly interested in supporting roadway and drainage projects, aiming to contribute her skills and knowledge effectively. Savannah's commitment to professional development and her enthusiasm makes her an asset to the AKV team.

Graduate Engineer

Ernesto, a Civil Engineering graduate, is enthusiastic about making significant contributions to the structural engineering team. Although new to the professional field, he has developed strong problem-solving skills through challenging academic training and project work. Ernesto’s solid understanding of structural analysis and design principles prepares him in tackling complex engineering challenges with a fresh perspective. Eager to apply his theoretical knowledge in practical settings, Ernesto is committed to contributing innovative ideas and enhancing infrastructure resilience. His proactive attitude and dedication position him as a valuable asset to the team, ready to grow and excel in the industry.



Eira holds a degree in Graphic Designer. She is working at AKV with a strong desire to develop what she has to provide and contribute to the company with creativity and innovations that she has learned for the last four years. Seeking work experience in her field as well as management and marketing.



  • Bridge Design

  • Retaining Walls

  • Toll Gantry

  • Junction Boxes and Culverts

  • Trench Drain Design (Aircraft Rated)


  • Flooding Studies

  • BFE Determination

  • LOMR

  • Geopak Drainage

  • Culvert Design

  • Detention Studies

  • Master Plans


  • Roadway Design

  • Traffic Control Plans


MBENorth Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
SBENorth Central Texas Regional Certification Agency
MBECity of Houston
DBECity of Houston
HUBState of Texas
SBEMetropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO)


3.2.1Route Studies & Schematic Design
4.2.1Roadway Design
4.5.1Constructability Review
5.2.1Bridge Design
5.3.1Multi-Level Interchange Design
5.5.1Bridge & Non-Bridge Class Culvert and Inlet Design
8.1.1Signing, Pavement Marking, & Channelization
8.6.1Rail-Highway Design
10.1.1Hydrologic Studies
10.2.1Roadway Hydraulic Design
10.3.1Bridge Hydraulic Design